LOL Surprise! Furniture with Doll Series 1

L.O.L. Surprise Furniture Series 1 includes 10+ surprises, including furniture for L.O.L. Surprise, house.

Unbox stylish furniture & accessories for your L.O.L. Surprise! House. Each set of furniture is themed to a different space, including Salon, Boutique, Bedroom and Cozy Coupe.

Each pack includes a fan-favorite character being re-released exclusively in these packs. If you missed your chance to collect Diva, M.C. Swag, Royal Bee and Neon Q.T., you can now unbox them with their matching furniture. Each doll also is the sister to one of the Series 1 L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. fashion dolls.

Fold-Out Playset

The packaging becomes a reusable playset. Each box folds out to become a fabulous playset scene that matches the furniture and exclusive doll.

Bedroom with Neon Q.T.

Bedroom Includes heart shaped bed, cute crib and accessories

LOL Surprise Bedroom with Neon Q.T.
L.O.L. Surprise! Furniture Bedroom with Neon Q.T.

Salon with Diva

Salon includes salon chair, fabulous vanity and beauty accessories.

The Salon pack includes Diva doll, along with a salon chair, beautiful vanity and beauty accessories – perfect for treating L. O. L. Surprise dolls to a makeover.

LOL Surprise Furniture Salon with Diva
L.O.L. Surprise! Furniture Salon with Diva

Cozy Coupe with M.C. Swag

Cozy Coupe pack includes Cozy Coupe for L. O. L. Surprise: Doll, lil Cozy Coupe and accessories.

LOL Surprise Furniture Cozy Coupe with M.C. Swag
L.O.L. Surprise! Furniture Cozy Coupe with M.C. Swag

Boutique with Queen Bee

This glittery pack includes Series 1 character Queen Bee, with a golden wardrobe, fabulous mirror and accessories – perfect for a Glitterati queen to store all her fierce fashions. The box folds out to become a fabulous B. B. Boutique playset, where Queen Bee can put together the most bee-utiful outfits.

LOL Surprise Furniture Boutique with Queen Bee
L.O.L. Surprise! Furniture Boutique with Queen Bee

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