Ever After High Kitty Cheshire Doll (Discontinued by manufacturer)


  • Kitty Cheshire™, daughter of the Cheshire Cat of Wonderland, has decided to rewrite her destiny as an Ever After Rebel™.
  • The posable doll wears her iconic outfit from the webisodes: a spellbinding purple dress that takes a modern spin off her father’s legacy.
  • A cat-inspired print, purple patterned tights, “fur”-lined booties, yarn-themed jewelry and a headband and bag with grinning face are the cat’s meow.
  • Doll also comes with a doll stand, doll hairbrush and bookmark that reveals her hexclusive story.



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Ever After High Kitty Cheshire Doll

Kitty Cheshire™, daughter of the infamous Cheshire Cat of Wonderland, has chosen to rewrite her destiny as an Ever After Rebel™ — and to do it in storied style.
Fans of Ever After High™ will recognize her iconic outfit featured in the webisodes.
Kitty has fashionistas grinning wearing a hexquisite purple dress with a cat-inspired print bodice, a black lace overlay on the skirt and short mesh sleeves.
Purple chevron-patterned tights and “fur”-lined booties are the cat’s meow, while earrings with yarn detailing are the purr-fect jewelry for this cool cat.
Kitty Cheshire™ doll completes the legendary look with a fableous headband and bag that features the iconic Cheshire grin.

Kitty Cheshire™ — A Curious Troublemaker

The world’s most spellbinding stories are getting turned on their crown at Ever After High™, a high school for the teenage sons and daughters of famous fairytale legends. The daughter of the Cheshire Cat of Wonderland and an Ever After Rebel™, Kitty Cheshire™ loves mischief and is a curious prankster who always has a smile on her face — and in her wardrobe!

A Spellbinding Outfit with Purr-fect Style

This highly detailed doll wears her signature purple dress with a purr-fect cat-inspired print on the bodice and black lace on her skirt. Purple tights with graphic stripes and black booties with white “fur” lining are the cat’s meow.
Kitty Cheshire™ doll makes fashionistas smile with a handbag and headband inspired by her father — big grins adorn both with storied style! A “fur”-collar necklace complete the spelltacular look. Plus, she comes with a doll stand for easy display and a bookmark that tells her story — and encourages girls to write their own!


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