• Includes Courtney™ doll with transforming and musical features, shoes, tiara and microphone (non-removable).
  • Courtney™ doll’s skirt twists around, magically transforming her look from a princess gown into the rock star outfit worn in her final performance in the film!
  • Doll sings along to one of two musical clips from the movie as she transforms!
  • Doll cannot stand alone.



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Barbie in Rock ‘N Royals Singing Courtney Doll

Why choose between royalty and rock when you can have both? In Barbie™ in Rock ‘n Royals, a princess and a rock star come together to discover anything is possible when they work together! And even though they’re from different worlds, they learn to appreciate the princess and the rocker inside. This singing Courtney™ doll celebrates both looks with the ability to instantly transform her look from princess to sparkly show-stealing rock star!

In Barbie in Rock ‘N Royals, two very different worlds collide when a mix-up sends a princess and a pop star to the wrong camps. As they face an epic sing-off, both girls embrace their differences, find their true voices and learn that anything is possible when they work together! Girls will love celebrating the story with this singing Courtney doll, who magically transforms from royal to rocker. Simply lift the pink microphone to her mouth to activate a dramatic fashion transformation and play two songs clips from the film! Courtney doll’s skirt twists around, changing her into a trendy pop star while the songs play. As a princess, she wears a pink ball gown with a studded silver and pink bodice and trendy chevron-print peplum. As a pop star, she shines in a studded silver bodice and high-low skirt with black and pink graphic print, silver peplum and sparkly pink skirt. A silvery tiara and matching shoes are show-stopping accessories.
Transform from princess to pop star with this singing Courtney doll from Barbie in Rock ‘N Royals
Lift the pink microphone to her mouth to activate her transformation from princess to pop star and play two songs from the movie!

Courtney doll’s skirt magically twists around changing her look from royal to rocker
Pull her microphone back down to transform back to a princess
Her princess gown is classic pink with a trendy studded silvery and pink bodice and modern chevron-print peplum


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