barbie malibu shops
March 11, 2015

Barbie Malibu Ave shops are part of the Life In The Dreamhouse -series. Malibu Avenue is a short drive away from the amazing Dreamhouse and a great place for Barbie and her friends to pick up whatever they need!


Malibu Ave Market

barbie malibu ave market
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What’s in the Box?

Malibu Market shop play set with awning, display shelving, checkout counter with working conveyor belt, one grocery cart, one register, one “scanner”, one grocery bag, three boxes of food, one carton of milk, one carton of orange juice, one can, one bottle of soda pop, one carton of eggs, one jar of peanut butter, two yogurts, one honey bear-shaped container, one bottle of water.

Malibu Ave Bakery

barbie malibu ave bakery
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What’s in the Box?

Bakery shop play set with awning, display rack with spinning case, one register, one bistro table, two chairs, one chandelier, one tray of desserts, one pie, two plates with treats, one fork, one cup, one water bottle.


Malibu Ave Pet Boutique



barbie malibu ave pet boutique
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What’s in the Box?

Pet Boutique shop play set with awning, display rack with shelf, checkout counter with grooming station, one register, one “scanner”, one brush, one sponge brush, one trimmer, one pair of “scissors,” one trophy, two pet toys, two pet product bottles, one dog food box, one can of cat food, one food dish, one dog bone, three pet fashions, three animal figures.


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